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The Role of IAM within the Freight Brokerage Industry

There’s been a lot of recent buzz around carrier identity and the importance of “knowing your carriers” to prevent fraud.

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Combating Cargo Theft and Fraud with Modern Logistics Technology

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Load Lock: Load-Level Protection and Compliance for Your Business

Learn more about this Highway product to stop fraud in your brokerage through Qualified Identities, secure RateCon Deliveries and Automated Movements

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Harnessing Technology and Identity Verification to Combat Fraud

Explore how Highway's technology-based solutions combat carrier identity fraud in the freight industry, offering security, efficiency, and trust.

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Partnership Embraces Challenge to Streamline Sustainability Compliance

Learn how Highway’s carrier identity solutions help 3PLs ensure their carrier partners comply with each shipper’s sustainability initiatives in the partnership.

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The Future of Efficient Carrier Onboarding in Freight Brokerage

Explore the evolving landscape of carrier onboarding in freight brokerage, the challenges, benefits of streamlining, and the tech-driven future.

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The Future of Carrier Identity: Combating Fraud and Double Brokering

With fraud and double brokering increasing in the freight industry, brokers need a new approach to carrier identity management.

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