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Press Release

August 25, 2023

Titan Logistics Solutions Partners with Highway to Innovate Freight Brokerage and Elevate Supply Chain Security

Titan Logistics leverages Highway's industry leading technology, to ensure swift carrier onboarding, enhanced operational efficiency, and unparalleled supply chain security.

DALLAS – August 25, 2023 — Titan Logistics Solutions, the newly launched initiative by one of the nation's leading expedited trucking companies, today announced a significant partnership with Highway, the frontrunner in carrier identity management technology. This collaboration is set to impact the logistics landscape for good, especially in and around Texas, by leveraging advanced technologies to combat the rising threats of carrier identity fraud and load phishing in the digital age.

Understanding the intricacies and risks of Carrier Identity Fraud, Highway's solutions come as a timely response. Carrier identity fraud, a sophisticated scam where imposters mimic legitimate carriers to misappropriate cargo or payments, has seen an uptick with the surge in digital freight transactions. Traditional manual verification often falls short against fraudsters using counterfeit documents or stolen identities. Highway's Industry leading anti-fraud tools, secure both inbound and outbound communications, helping to curate a robust and secure carrier network and workflow.

More than just another freight brokerage, Titan Logistics is on a mission to disrupt the status quo of logistics. Highway’s tech-forward solutions will benefit Titan Logistics’ goal to provide critical deliveries efficiently. "With Highway's advanced tools, we are positioned to streamline our processes and provide unparalleled security to our customers. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence," Titan Logistics CEO Jenna Sargent said. 

"We are immensely proud to partner with Titan Logistics Solutions, a forward-thinking entity in the logistics realm," stated Michael Caney, Highway's Chief Commercial Officer. "Our combined expertise will undoubtedly pave the way for a new era of secure, efficient, and technology-driven logistics. At Highway, we are committed to pushing boundaries, and this collaboration with Titan exemplifies that commitment. Together, we'll set new benchmarks in the industry."

About Highway

Highway is a premier technology provider that assists shippers, freight brokers, and logistics service providers in verifying carrier identity to reduce fraud and streamline the digital booking process. Highway enhances carrier engagement and offers a carrier-friendly standard of compliance within a scalable framework. Highway provides transparency into fleet analytics of more than 280,000 carriers throughout North America. Its Lane Certainty™ geospatial algorithm matches millions of carrier data points to help find the ideal capacity in a desired lane. (

About Titan Logistics Solutions

Launched by one of the nation's leading expedited trucking companies, Titan Logistics Solutions is a market-driven freight brokerage firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Committed to redefining the logistics landscape, Titan combines cutting-edge technology with industry expertise to deliver tailored logistics solutions for clients both locally and nationwide. Focused on innovation and excellence, Titan seeks to meet the dynamic needs of the logistics sector by providing timely, efficient, and secure freight brokerage services. With a vision of transforming the logistics industry, Titan Logistics Solutions prioritizes its clients' unique needs, ensuring unparalleled service and operational efficiency. For more information, visit