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Press Release

August 7, 2023

TIA Unveils Watchdog Program Enhancements Through Collaboration With Highway

Alexandria, VA (August 3, 2023) – The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), the premier organization for third-party logistics professionals, is thrilled to announce enhancements to its Watchdog® program through a strategic relationship with Highway. The collaboration aims to raise the industry standard for legitimate 3PL and carrier companies by honing in on truly fraudulent behavior, and broadening the universe of reports available to TIA members.

“Cultivating trust and integrity in the logistics industry is paramount,” said Anne Reinke, TIA President and CEO. “This strategic relationship with Highway will provide our members a greatly improved TIA Watchdog experience and access to enhanced tools and resources to combat fraudulent activities. Together, we are raising the industry standard and reinforcing our commitment to a secure and transparent transportation ecosystem.”

TIA Watchdog® will remain a dedicated platform for members to report critical information about real fraud within the industry. However, TIA members will have access to a greater scope of data beyond the current 3,400 people across the nation, giving members more information about the supply chain partners they choose. This knowledge sharing allows members to make informed decisions when selecting which companies to work with; quickly alert each other to marketplace problems; and prevent negative incidents from occurring.

“As the leading trade association for third-party logistics, TIA plays a critical role in developing the security and stability of this industry,” said Jordan Graft, Highway’s CEO.  “We are grateful for the opportunity to enhance the value of the Watchdog® product offering for TIA members and bring greater transparency and trust to the US supply chain.”

Serving as a technology and industry thought innovator, Highway’s mission is to make freight more connected and secure. Highway will play a vital role in developing and supporting TIA Watchdog®, and TIA members will continue to receive free standard access to Watchdog®. Additional and enhanced service options will be newly available to members including insurance monitoring, carrier identity management and TMS integration.

Fraudulent activities continue to rise within the transportation sector, costing approximately $1 billion to trucking companies, shippers, freight brokers, and ultimately consumers. With a strong commitment to advocacy and education, TIA has been a leading advocate in the fight against fraud in the transportation supply chain.

The Association recognized the impending fraud crisis more than a decade ago, leading to its support of the Fighting Fraud in Transportation Act in 2012. Since then, TIA has remained at the forefront of the issue, actively voicing concerns in Congressional hearings and educating its members on the issue. Most recently, the organization launched the TIA Fraud Task Force and a free educational fraud course for its members.

For more information about the TIA Watchdog® program, please visit

About TIA

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is the professional organization of the $232 billion third-party logistics industry. TIA is the only organization exclusively representing transportation intermediaries of all disciplines doing business in domestic and international commerce. TIA is the voice of transportation intermediaries to shippers, carriers, government officials, and international organizations. Learn more about TIA at

About Highway

Highway is Carrier Identity. We are focused on solving the digital identity problem in the trucking industry. We remove risk and friction between brokers and carriers by being the only onboarding provider with a Carrier Identity Engine. We manage carrier identity and solve the problem of fraud and double brokering while providing brokers with the richest data on carrier equipment to supercharge their capacity sourcing and vetting efforts. Highway accelerates connections and drives engagement, making the industry more integrated, digital, and secure.