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Press Release

April 19, 2024

ShipperCRM Teams Up with Highway to Qualify Users For Access To Its US Shipper Database

ShipperCRM, a leading provider of freight database solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with Highway, a pioneer in Carrier Identity™ and Access Management solutions. The partnership aims to vet freight brokers and carriers seeking access to ShipperCRM's US Shipper Database using Highway's Single-Sign-On authentication method. This collaboration ensures the database keeps out parties with histories of fraud or double brokering.

As ShipperCRM continues to build the first standardized industry database of all US shippers, the importance of a secure vetting process has become paramount. The database includes various shipping locations and logistics contacts, making it a crucial resource for the industry.

"Partnering with Highway helps us speed up our vetting process, and ensure we continue monitoring all our users for reports of fraud or double brokering even after they become customers," says Krystian Gebis, Co-Founder & CEO of ShipperCRM. "Ultimately, this may lead to a slight forfeit in revenue, but it is the right thing to do - not only for all our reputable users, but also for the shippers we’re researching and adding to our database."

As fraud, scams, and double brokering become increasingly prevalent in the trucking industry, ShipperCRM is committed to ensuring that only trustworthy transportation providers contact shippers in its database.

ShipperCRM will begin rolling out the Sign-In With Highway feature later this month, allowing users to see if they qualify for access instantly to the shipper database. As of March 2024, ShipperCRM started using the Highway platform to individually review each applicant during its early access program, using the insights provided by Highway to assess access.

The goal of this partnership is to bulletproof the industry from fraud, scams, and double brokering. Both ShipperCRM and Highway hope this initiative will encourage other freight technology providers to follow suit.

Highway is a leading technology provider specializing in Carrier Identity™ solutions for freight brokers. It aims to reduce fraud and streamline the digital booking process by automating compliance. Committed to transparency, trust, and truth, Highway provides brokers with the necessary data to deliver exceptional service while driving business growth without fear of fraud.

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