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Press Release

June 11, 2024

REPOWR Joins Forces with Highway for Advanced Carrier Vetting

REPOWR, the leader in trailer sharing, proudly announces its strategic integration with Highway, the leading carrier identity platform. This impactful integration empowers REPOWR's equipment owners and third-party logistics (3PL) partners to securely share trailers with vetted carriers.

Renting or interchanging trailers (“trailer exchanges”) with third-party carriers is an essential part of operations and customer service for carriers and brokers alike. Each trailer exchange comes with potential exposure for trailer providers. So, trailer providers need to ensure that only good actors hook to their trailers and continuously monitor carrier compliance during the life of the exchange. Carriers using the trailers of others are asked to complete carrier packet after carrier packet to haul loads. These carriers should not have to complete another lengthy application just to secure a trailer. 

"The integration of Highway into REPOWR gives us real-time, reliable insights into carrier compliance, allowing us to confidently share our trailers with vetted partners."  - Mason Anderson, Regional Trailer Manager at Knight Transportation

The partnership unites Highway's full suite of compliance and insights data with REPOWR's innovative reservation management tools, offering trailer providers within REPOWR’s network the most robust and reliable trailer exchange experience in the industry. This integration ensures that trailer providers gain real-time access to comprehensive carrier data from Highway within the REPOWR platform, setting a new standard for accuracy and market intelligence when exchanging trailers with third-party carriers. The data continuously updates within the REPOWR platform, ensuring that carrier authority, insurance coverage (especially trailer interchange coverage), and more remain up-to-date for the entire life of the trailer exchange. On the other hand, renting and interchanging carriers will experience unmatched seamlessness from trailer pickup to return. [Highway customers will soon have access to trailer interchange compliance data within the Highway platform, further ensuring that Highway brings the most accurate and comprehensive carrier intelligence on the market.

"The REPOWR-Highway integration has enhanced our trailer rental efficiency and safety."  - Shawn Johnson, CRST Transportation

 About REPOWR:

With REPOWR, asset-based fleets, brokers, shippers, and owner-operators can tap into the Universal Trailer Network (UTN) to seamlessly exchange trailer capacity. The REPOWR platform supplements existing fleet management tools and empowers logistics companies to leverage the benefits of a trailers-as-a-service model fully. Fleets supplying trailers to the network can optimize trailer utilization, maximize revenue per trailer, and reduce empty mileage. Fleets also accrue various other efficiency gains by leveraging REPOWR’s streamlined interchange experience — certificate of insurance verification, dynamic trailer pricing, and digital chains of custody. Simultaneously, logistics companies seeking trailers can efficiently scale as the UTN offers on-demand access to trailers under a flexible pay-per-use model. Sharing trailers creates a win-win experience, helping both parties mitigate risks associated with market volatility.  (Visit for more information)

About Highway:

Highway is a leading technology provider specializing in Carrier Identity™ and Access Management solutions for shippers, freight brokers, and logistics service providers across North America. With a focus on reducing fraud and enhancing digital booking processes, Highway offers advanced tools for secure carrier vetting and sourcing, ensuring robust compliance and transparency. Its proprietary Lane Certainty™ geospatial algorithm analyzes millions of carrier data points to optimize capacity matching in desired lanes, while providing insight into fleet analytics of over 280,000 carriers. By automating compliance and emphasizing data integrity, Highway sets a new standard in security and efficiency, empowering freight brokers to protect profits and promote business growth. (For more information, visit