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Press Release

July 9, 2024

Infinity Software Solutions Partners with Highway to Enhance TMS and Combat Freight Fraud

Infinity Software Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Highway, the leading provider of advanced carrier verification and fraud prevention solutions. This collaboration aims to address the transportation industry’s evolving needs and enhance the integrity of Infinity’s Transportation Management System (TMS), BrokerPro.

The decision to partner with Highway was driven by Infinity’s commitment to addressing the increasing prevalence of fraudulent carriers and the critical need for comprehensive data sources to accurately vet drivers. This partnership underscores Infinity’s dedication to ensuring the legitimacy of the parties handling their customers’ freight, thus enhancing overall service quality and customer trust.

Users of BrokerPro can leverage Highway to achieve several key objectives:

  • Enhanced Carrier Verification: Utilizing Highway’s advanced verification tools to ensure thorough vetting of all carriers and drivers, reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Improved Data Integration: Highway’s data sources offer insights into carrier performance, compliance, and safety, aiding informed decisions and optimizing logistics.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Integrating Highway’s technology automates processes, reduces errors, and improves workflow efficiency.
  • Strengthened Customer Trust: Greater transparency and reliability build customer confidence in shipment security and integrity.
  • Scalability and Growth: Highway’s scalable solution adapts to growing demands and market changes, supporting business expansion and exceptional service delivery.

Highway’s seamless integration with BrokerPro will offer freight brokers a faster and more secure way to connect with motor carriers by delivering real-time insights and alerts and a more streamlined onboarding process. This ensures users have access to essential, up-to-date information while simplifying carrier network expansion.

“BrokerPro is well-known for its incredible ease of use, and our integration with Highway allows our customers to quickly and efficiently vet and onboard carriers,” said Josh Asbury, Chief Operating Officer at Infinity Software Solutions. “With our Highway integration, our customers are able to spend more time on the important work of securing quality capacity for their customers as opposed to worrying about bad actors sneaking into their carrier network.”

“At Highway, we want to be part of building a secure ecosystem for this industry,” added Highway Chief Commercial Officer Michael Caney. “We’re proud of how Highway integrates seamlessly into platforms like BrokerPro, giving users new capabilities without creating friction.”

Infinity Software Solutions and Highway will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, July 25 at 12:00 EDT to showcase the integration. Register for the webinar here.

About Infinity Software Solutions & BrokerPro

Infinity Software Solutions, Inc. has helped the freight industry’s leading brokers, shippers, and 3PLs to revolutionize their businesses since 1999. Our industry-leading TMS, BrokerPro, is the tool of choice for transportation intermediaries who want to revolutionize their businesses without breaking the bank. Our intuitive, scalable, and affordable solutions help companies of all sizes deliver exceptional results for their customers. Visit for more information

About Highway

Highway is a leading technology provider specializing in Carrier Identity™ solutions for freight brokers, empowering them to reduce fraud and streamline the digital booking process. By automating compliance, Highway gives brokers the ability to enforce an all-new standard, enabling them to efficiently identify the right carrier for every load and build their network with speed and security. With a commitment to transparency, trust, and truth, Highway equips brokers with the data necessary to focus on delivering exceptional service while driving business growth without fear of fraud. Visit for more information.