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Press Release

Highway Joins Forces with Tai to Deliver Targeted Carrier and Capacity Solutions for Brokers

Dallas, TX - Tai TMS (Tai), a fully integrated, broker-friendly platform for freight management and transportation, today announced an integration partnership with Highway, the only provider of carrier identity management.

With the integration, Tai now empowers brokers to leverage Highway’s Carrier Identity engine and carrier onboarding process. This combination of Highway’s sourcing, onboarding and monitoring with Tai’s single point-of-truth platform, provides brokers with the insights, identity alerts, double brokering protection and efficiencies that help them stand apart from their competitors.

“Our integration with Highway prevents unqualified carriers from sneaking into broker networks while making it incredibly efficient for reputable carriers to get added,” said Walter Mitchell, CEO of Tai. “By securing broker carrier networks and streamlining the vetting process brokers are able to spend less time on network development and more time securing capacity for their customers.”

Highway removes friction and inconsistency associated with brokers using multiple sites to vet a carrier by replacing the effort with a proprietary Identity Engine. The engine produces a unique digital thumbprint and single sign-on experience that can be used to connect carriers with brokers in a secured verified way right into the broker’s own digital experience. Tai correlates these customized carrier classification datasets into a single pageview for improved accessibility and more informed decision making.

“We improve efficiency by giving brokers access to the industry's richest dataset, with respect to equipment and locations, to build targeted capacity solutions,” said Jordan Graft, CEO, Highway. “Until Highway, brokers had no visibility into potential insurance risks associated with scheduled auto policies. Highway provides insight into the vin level on scheduled auto policy. With Tai, we’re able to reach more brokers and continue revolutionizing the way their networks develop.”

With integrations to carrier verification tools such as Highway brokers are able to trust Tai to secure their networks and deliver capacity. As an end-to-end tool, Tai delivers unparalleled success to their brokers, positioning themselves as the leader in forward-thinking TMS solutions.

About Tai

Tai TMS is an all-in-one domestic freight management system for full truckload and LTL shipments. Tai gives freight brokers unmatched speed and scalability with automation implanted into every phase, along with direct integrations to carriers, load boards, and capacity tools.

Tai Software's core group of developers and freight industry experts has helped freight brokers scale growth for over 20 years. We are dedicated to introducing unique, envelope-pushing, instantly accessible products to the transportation management industry. We believe in perfecting our existing products and expanding only when we can meet our own highest standards. Our lean organization allows us to focus on continuous innovation to ensure our customers are always empowered with the most cutting-edge software.

About Highway

Highway is Carrier Identity. We are focused on solving the digital identity problem in the trucking industry. We remove risk and friction between brokers and carriers by being the only onboarding provider with a Carrier Identity engine. We manage carrier identity and solve the problem of fraud and double brokering while providing brokers with the richest data on carrier equipment to supercharge their capacity sourcing and vetting efforts. Highway accelerates connections and drives engagement, making the industry more integrated, digital, and secure.