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Press Release

November 14, 2023

Highway and Isometric Technologies Unite to Reimagine Carrier Selection: A New Era Combining Compliance and Fraud Prevention with Performance Insights

New collaboration aims to reimagine carrier selection by onboarding, emphasizing compliance, fraud prevention, and historical service-level performance.

DALLAS – [November 14th, 2023] — Highway, the leader in Carrier Identity, announces a forward-thinking partnership with Isometric Technologies (ISO). This collaboration will offer customers enhanced value in their carrier selection and onboarding processes, ensuring a more robust carrier identity profile in terms of both compliance and fraud protection.

The freight industry continues to evolve, with brokers facing increasing challenges related to compliance, fraud prevention, and performance evaluation. The synergy between Highway and ISO addresses these issues, offering a glimpse into the future state of carrier selection. This partnership takes a two-pronged approach, combining Highway's prowess in carrier identity with ISO's cutting-edge solutions.

"We see immense potential in our partnership with ISO," said Michael Caney, Chief Commercial Officer of Highway. "Together, we're not just enhancing the carrier selection process but reimagining it. Our combined expertise will ensure our customers can confidently onboard carriers, minimizing risks and maximizing reliability."

The vision for this partnership extends beyond the current strategic alliance. In the future, both companies aim to integrate their offerings directly, ensuring a holistic carrier identity profile that captures both compliance and fraud aspects, as well as a carrier's historical service-level performance.

John Stauffer, Co-Founder and COO at ISO,  commented, "Highway's reputation in the carrier identity space aligns seamlessly with ISO's objectives. Our collaboration is poised to set a new benchmark in the industry, ensuring a safer, more transparent, and efficient carrier selection and onboarding process."

Highway and ISO are committed to bringing unparalleled value to their customers, ensuring a safer, more efficient, and risk-free environment for finding and partnering with carriers. This partnership is a testament to their shared vision of a future-proofed freight industry.

About Highway

 Highway is a premier technology provider that assists shippers, freight brokers, and logistics service providers in verifying carrier identity to reduce fraud and streamline the digital booking process. Highway enhances carrier engagement and offers a carrier-friendly standard of compliance within a scalable framework. Highway provides transparency into fleet analytics of more than 280,000 carriers throughout North America. Its Lane Certainty™ geospatial algorithm matches millions of carrier data points to help find the ideal capacity in a desired lane. (

About Isometric Technologies

Isometric Technologies is the first collaborative platform that streamlines the data reconciliation process between manufacturers, transportation providers, and other third-party stakeholders in the supply chain, acting as a single source of truth to measure the hidden costs of performance. By associating costs from chargebacks and service level failures with the responsible parties, ISO surfaces actionable insights that help optimize complex business relationships and identify adverse trends in the supply chain. (