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Press Release

FST Logistics Partners with Highway to Revolutionize Carrier Onboarding and Strengthen Supply Chain Security

FST Logistics, an industry leader in dry and temperature-controlled logistics, announces its partnership with Highway to enhance operational efficiency, secure its carrier network, and combat fraud. Leveraging Highway's innovative technology, FST Logistics aims to streamline carrier onboarding, boost operational efficiency, and secure its supply chain.

DALLAS – July 20, 2023 — FST Logistics, a leading provider of dry and temperature-controlled logistics solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Highway, a leading provider of carrier identity management technology. This partnership aims to enhance FST Logistics' carrier onboarding process, bolster operational efficiency, and significantly mitigate risks associated with fraud and double brokering.

As a tech-forward logistics enterprise, FST Logistics continually seeks innovative solutions to streamline its operations and deliver unparalleled service to its customers. By leveraging Highway's advanced technology, FST Logistics will further automate its carrier setup process, utilizing advanced monitoring and vetting capabilities to minimize the risk of fraud and strengthen its supply chain security.

"We're committed to innovation that supports our growth and enhances the service we deliver to our customers," said Brian Asher, Executive Vice President, Brokerage Services of FST Logistics. "Our partnership with Highway allows us to build upon our robust carrier network with increased confidence and efficiency. It's a win for us, our carriers, and ultimately, our customers."

The heart of Highway's solution is the Carrier Identity Engine, an innovative technology that enables brokers to verify carriers at both company and dispatch levels. This verification process provides an added layer of security, drastically reducing the risk of double brokering and strengthening the integrity of the supply chain.

Moreover, Highway's technology streamlines the carrier onboarding process, reducing manual tasks and enabling FST Logistics to scale more efficiently. With Highway's solutions, FST Logistics can provide seamless user experiences for carriers, thereby improving carrier satisfaction and retention rates.

"Our mission is to empower shippers, freight brokers, and logistics service providers with the tools to verify carrier identity, reduce fraud, and streamline operations," said Michael Caney, Highway Chief Commercial Officer. "We're delighted to partner with FST Logistics and look forward to supporting their commitment to operational excellence and secure carrier relationships."

In the rapidly evolving logistics landscape, this partnership demonstrates FST Logistics' commitment to leveraging state-of-the-art technology to meet industry challenges head-on. By integrating Highway's robust solutions into its processes, FST Logistics is poised for continued growth and operational efficiency, setting a new standard in the logistics industry.

About Highway

Highway is a premier technology provider that assists shippers, freight brokers, and logistics service providers in verifying carrier identity to reduce fraud and streamline the digital booking process. Highway enhances carrier engagement and offers a carrier-friendly standard of compliance within a scalable framework. Highway provides transparency into fleet analytics of more than 280,000 carriers throughout North America. Its Lane Certainty™ geospatial algorithm matches millions of carrier data points to help find the ideal capacity in a desired lane. (

About FST Logistics

FST Logistics is an industry leader in dry and temperature-controlled logistics solutions. Established in 1991, the company provides a broad range of services, including warehousing, transportation, and fulfillment, to meet the unique needs of the food and grocery sector. With a customer-centric approach and commitment to innovation, FST Logistics integrates state-of-the-art technology and best practices to deliver exceptional service and value to its customers. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, FST Logistics is dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions that contribute to the success of its customers and the broader food supply chain. For more information, visit